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Selecting a quality diamond ornament largely requires proper information and knowledge of 4Cs of diamond. All the evaluation of diamond immensely base on color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

The All Essentials 4Cs Of Diamond

This education guide will articulate you about the Four Cs of diamond, such as Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat, that is the most essential attribute to look while buying a diamond.


This is the most significant attribute of a diamond since it has the highest influence on a diamond sparkle.


The next in the term is the color. We know people like color, however, in diamond less color means higher grade of diamond.


Often people assume carat refers to the size of the diamond which is totally wrong. It actually refers to the diamond total weight rather than its size.


Clarity might not be the strongest of the attribute because small imperfection is the part of the diamond and it is often microscopic.


The shape of a diamond has its own specification and value. Different shapes of the diamond affect the price and quality grade.


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