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We strictly adhere to conflict free diamond policy. We at Iceberg Diamond, along with the global diamond industry has committed to bring forth conflict free diamond. We follow Kimberley Process, that closely scrutinizes diamonds from mine to market. We are associated with the industry partnership with the United Nations, government as well as non-government organizations and govern policies that abstain the trade of illegal diamonds from any assumed source.

 We also make sure that the diamond purchased at Iceberg Diamond comes through authentic source as well as from the most largest and reputed suppliers who do not follow any malpractice in diamond trade and business and strictly follow the Kimberley Process.

All our diamond products are 100% quality guaranteed and conflict free.

 Diamonds are exclusively procured through the mines in Africa, Australia, Canada, and Russia. If we find any infringement of Kimberley Process, we avoid such kind of trade and business from that source, it is as simple as that. We are devoted to promote and support the process that is there to withstand the legitimacy in diamond trade. This is the major reason we do not export diamond from the disputed Marange diamond district, Zimbabwe.

 Responsible Mining

 Iceberg Diamond do not entertain any trade or business which has potential to impair ethical standards of diamond mining as well as gold sourcing. The issue of responsible mining is extremely significant for us. This is the reason why we pay focused attention and deserving surveillance to it. We keep following things in mind while dealing with such responsible mining:

 Pay an observatory step to make sure that the gold and metals comes from and established and reputed suppliers that fulfill the highest human rights, environmental and social criteria.

  • Prefer to deals with the suppliers that source gold from mines that practice high standards of environmental stewardship.
  • Dedicated and committed to enlarge gold sourcing from recycle and secondary sources.
  • With aim to consistent improvement we measure and established benchmark that set high standards.