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We at Iceberg Diamond, believe in maintaining a mutual and cohesive relation with our customers. To consolidate that relationship we offer them a lifetime diamond upgrade program where they are allowed to upgrade their GIA Certified AGSL Diamonds under the exclusive upgrade program. To know more about our Diamond Upgrade Program you can simply contact our diamond and jewellery consultant at +852-24949766 or simply email us at and choose your new diamond.

 Guidelines for Diamond Upgrade Program:

  • All the certified GIA and AGSL Diamonds that are purchased from Iceberg Diamond will be eligible for the upgrade program.
  • We will credit 100% original price against the new purchase by the customer.
  • The price of new diamond should be more than the cost of the original piece.
  • The diamond you want to upgrade under this scheme should be in original condition and possess the original Diamond certificate too.
  • Defective or impaired diamond will not be considered under the Diamond Upgrade Program.

 Mandatory Settings:

  • Iceberg Diamond will assess and evaluate the original diamond to ascertain the final credit value of the diamond.
  • After inspecting your Original Diamond, we will inform you about the current value of your diamond.
  • We will apply the new settings on the new diamond in a situation where the previous settings cannot be used. Iceberg Diamond will apply this new setting after determining and accepting the credit for the original piece.
  • Loose Diamonds are eligible for this scheme; however, they must be purchased by Iceberg Diamond and available in original condition.
  • Any diamond that is not originally set by Iceberg Diamond must be returned without the setting.

Diamond Grading Reports:

 The original diamond grading report must be returned in reusable condition. Additional charge/fees may be applied for any impaired report