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What is a perfect finger fit size?

It is worth considering that your ring should fit your finger comfortably. It should neither be too tightly gripped not too loosely touch your finger. The ideal size is that snug enough so that it will not fall off. Measure your finger 3 to 4 times to avoid any faulty reading. Also you can discuss with our expert at Iceberg Diamond or view ring size chart to choose perfect ring size for you.

Common ring sizes

A typical woman rings appear in size 3 to 9. At Iceberg Diamond, the most common ring size for women range from fall in between size 5 to 7 in which size 6 is the most popular.

A typical man rings appear in size 8 to 14. At Iceberg Diamond, the most common ring size for men range from fall in between size 8 to 10-1/2 in which size 9 is the most popular.

Free resizing

For the convenient for our valuable customer, Iceberg Diamond offers complimentary resizing of your diamond ring during the first year of purchase. You can contact our customer service team regarding the complimentary resizing of your diamond ring. You will be responsible for applicable charges, if any, for the cost of returning the product, according to our return policy.

Note: Diamond and gemstone eternity rings with a specific number of gemstones per finger size; milgrain or ornate bands, some silver rings, or rings with alternative metals such as Tungsten cannot be resized. We are happy to exchange your ring for another size within 30 days of purchase. It is important to note that should you opt for an exchange, your new ring may contain fewer or more gemstones, diamonds, or a reduction or increase in precious metal weight which may cause an increase or decrease in the price.

Please note that some of the rings at Iceberg Diamond cannot be resized due to their design. In these cases, an cannot be resized icon will appear on the product detail page under the ring size selection.