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A Wedding is a highly special occasion for couples. At this event both the bride and the groom want to make it memorable and grand. A diamond wedding ring will only put the icing on the cake and make the occasion priceless. You have a number of options to choose from when you are in search of an ideal wedding ring. Here are some of the wedding rings information that will help you to select the right one for both males and females.

Men's and Women's Wedding Ring

You can enjoy the best collections of wedding ring for both the bride and the groom. Every style and design is exquisitely prepared to match your wedding ring with the rest of the ornaments that fits his style and best matches with her ring set. You can use our guidance below to help you to make your selection convenient and easy.

Women's Wedding Rings

It is quite traditional that bride wears the wedding ring that is closest to the heart and wears the engagement ring on the same finger, over the engagement ring. If you go apart from this tradition you can choose the wedding ring and engagement ring as per your choice and satisfaction.

Women Gemstone Rings

Whether it is your wedding or engagement, a gemstone can be an a superlative complement to it. At Iceberg, several gemstone rings are available that are duly crafted with birthstones as per the personal significance and preference. You can choose fiery, velvety or subtle in color.

Women Platinum or Gold Rings

Gold rings are as exquisite and adorable as ever, there is hardly any match to it, on the other hand, platinum rings offer you lifetime lasting for sure. As per your choice you can select the gold wedding rings and platinum wedding rings that complement your style.

Men's Wedding Rings

Men too have the luxury of finding the best wedding ring for them. You may go for a wedding ring that matches with the bride. In fact, you both can visit our website and plan together how wedding rings complement each other in terms of design, category, look, style and so on.

Men's Platinum and Gold Rings

Men's platinum and gold rings are available at our online store. Gold rings in the wedding are quite popular and traditionally approved as well. Platinum can be an option if you want the strong metal that lasts longer and. Plain metals bands are the most popular men's wedding rings.